Elementor #8

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Find your way around using sound to guide you
Listen to the nuances of colour through blended audio
Hear the position and movement of silent objects
Sonify distances on iPhone with dual cams or the Structure Sensor
Choose the sounds you want - tones, instruments, even music!


The SoundSight has been built by a team of scientists interested in how vision and hearing are linked in the brain and how this can be used to help the visually-impaired.  The aim of the project has been to develop an aesthetically pleasing way of presenting important visual information such as depth and colour through a rich soundscape for the end user to listen to – these sounds can be anything the user wants, tones, vocals, instruments, rainfall, and even musical tracks!  From this, users can use these sounds to understand the location, shape, colour, and movement of objects around them. Previous research has shown that this kind of technology can enable access to a wide range of life-enhancing experiences for persons with visual impairments.  However, previous technology is often criticized for being impractical, unresponsive, and unpleasant to listen to.  Here, the SoundSight project seeks to address these concerns through designing the device from the ground-up to provide practical information like distance through high-quality sounds that react to changes in the environment in real-time.  The team consists of Professor Jamie Ward and Dr Giles Hamilton-Fletcher who provided the scientific rationale and design to ensure these goals could be met, with Dr James Alvarez developing the app for iOS.

Prof. Jamie Ward 

Project Leader

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Sussex, UK.

Dr. Giles Hamilton-Fletcher 


Postdoctoral Researcher, Langone Health, New York University, USA.

Dr. James Alvarez 


Senior Web Developer, University of Sussex, UK.